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I have formulated Chebe powder into a hair oil that you can use everyday.

Garden Head Natural Chebe Length & Retention Growth Oil is all natural.  It is homemade with all organic ingredients. Authentic Chebe powder!

No Chemicals! No preservatives!

Chebe have been a traditional Hair growth secret of Chad ,Africa for centuries. The women of Chad have long beautiful hair. These women of Chad Africa contribute their long hair growth to the continuous use of Chebe powder in their hair.

Chebe  Benefits:

• Healthier, softer, and shinier hair
• Extreme Hair Growth
• Increase and Retain Moisture, Hair Strength and Length
• Prevents Excessive Shedding
• Prevents Breakage

Apply Chebe oil to the Shaft and Ends of your hair as often as possible  stronger, longer, thicker hair.